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Why should I be “race conscious” with my child?

Why I talk about race when I read with my toddler

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what (colors) do you see?

At what age should I begin to engage my children in race conscious talk?

My baby definitely sees race

In light of Spring Valley: Race, board books, and my five-day-old baby

Should I use the words “Black” and “White” to talk about race with my children? Or just “Brown” and “Peach”?

Explaining race versus skin color to my three-year-old

Why I use the words ‘Black’ and ‘White’ versus ‘brown’ and ‘peach

What do I do when my child makes a comment about another person’s race in public?

What to do when your child comments on a stranger’s physical appearance

What I did when my son said, “that man looks like a monkey!” on a public bus

How can I support my child to ask questions about race that are respectful?

“Is that your mom?”; Children’s questions about families

“Are you speaking Spanish?”; Children’s questions about differences