Interactive workshop/webinar

Sunday, November 10th Interactive Workshop/Webinar

NOTE: Registration for our Sunday, November 10th webinar will close one week prior on Sunday, November 3rd.

We often avoid talking about race with our young children but, whether we like it or not, children notice similarities and differences between people. When we are silent, they are left to draw their own conclusions about what “different” means. Without coaching or support, their conclusions often reflect and reinforce biases. Fortunately – when we are intentional – we can impact the ways that our children see, categorize, and make meaning about race.

If you already use race conscious talk with young children on a regular basis, you may want to consider an individual consultation or virtual workshop…though we have found that this workshop may offer additional strategies to more experienced race conscious practitioners.

In this 1.5 hour-long workshop/webinar, you will:

  • Develop confidence to talk about race with young children.
  • Practice various strategies to proactively talk about race with young children.
  • Strengthen children’s ability to become a change-maker.

Pre-workshop readings and instructions for logging on will be sent out (to the email participants used to register on Paypal) one week prior to the webinar.

You may participate in the workshop/webinar as an individual, or you can organize a Race Conscious Gathering in your home and invite up to 6 people to participate as a team of parents/educators committed to racial justice. You may also register for the webinar in addition to the September 22nd Follow-Up Webinar* as a bundle, either as an individual or as a Race Conscious Gathering.

Individual Registration Fee: $45

Individual Registration Fee + September 22nd Follow-Up Webinar*: $85

*November 17th Follow-Up Webinar: This 1.5 hour follow-up webinar will focus on specific scenarios (to be submitted by participants). Participants will practice race conscious strategies from the September 15th webinar and participants will receive structured and supportive feedback on various questions/scenarios. The follow-up webinar will begin at 8 PM EST.

Individual Registration Fee + Follow-Up (One-hour) Phone Consultation: $115

Registration Fees for hosting a Race Conscious Gathering in your home: Organizers of Race Conscious Gatherings will receive detailed information (regarding logistics and technology) two weeks prior to the webinar with regard to how to successfully facilitate in your home.

Host a Race Conscious Gathering (up to 6 individuals*) for November 10th Webinar only): $180

Host a Race Conscious Gathering (up to 6 individuals) for November 10th Webinar + November 17th Follow-Up Webinar*: $360

*Due to the structure/time frame of the workshop, Raising Race Conscious Children does not recommend hosting a Race Conscious Gathering for a group larger than 6 individuals as we don’t feel we can ensure its success—that said, if you feel you can ensure the success from a technology/audio point of view (large screen/speakers, etc) you may host a larger group “at your own risk.” We do ask that additional individuals pay an individual rate (as the funds from these webinars are crucial to the continuance of the blog). For larger groups, check out our In-person/Virtual Raising Race Conscious Children workshop.

Sunday, November 10th, 8 PM EST

Financial aid and modified pricing available–please use the CONTACT section of this blog and indicate “Inquiry about workshops” on the form.

Testimonial from past participant:

Raising Race Conscious Children presented at our school last night and parents here are talking about all the rich and thoughtful material shared.  The workshop was thorough, organized –an engaging and rewarding  blend of information and “turn and talk” interaction. The delivery was warm, friendly and also passionate, exhibiting a clear investment and commitment to this work. By the time it was over parents felt enlightened, supported, and eager to learn more about this important subject matter.


Sachi Feris is a blogger and workshop facilitator at Raising Race Conscious Children, an online a resource to support adults who are trying to talk about race with young children. She currently teaches Spanish to Kindergarten and 1st grade at an independent school in Brooklyn. Sachi identifies as White and is a mother to her three children, born in 2012, 2015, and 2017.

Lori Taliaferro Riddick is a workshop facilitator at Raising Race Conscious Children. Lori consults with public school districts to develop effective leaders. She formerly served as the Executive Director of Policy and Practice Services at New Leaders. Lori identifies as Black/Bi-racial/Multi-racial and is a mother to her three sons, born in 2008, 2016, and 2017.

Sachi and Lori have been talking about race with each other and others for almost two decades.