In-person or Virtual workshops

Bring our interactive workshops to your school or community! Both the In-person and Virtual workshops build on our interactive webinar content.

In-person workshops typically have longer time frames (2-3 hours+) and delve more deeply into the exploration of scenarios regarding race and young children.

The Virtual workshop uses a webcam platform to communicate directly with your group and collaborate with an on-the-ground facilitator at your workshop’s location.

In-person and Virtual workshops are tailored to the specific needs of your group. Both the In-person and Virtual workshops include one-hour of planning time prior to the workshop, as well as an additional hour of debriefing following the workshop.

For more information about bringing Raising Race Conscious Children to your parent group, school, or organization for an in-person or virtual workshop, please use the CONTACT section of this blog and indicate “In-person/Virtual workshops” on the form.