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Guidelines for Posts

The goal of Raising Race Conscious Children is to provide models for how to talk about race and other social identifiers with young children. As such, each post MUST explicitly name race (see About this Blog for further information) or relevant social identifiers. In addition, posts must work towards the goal of challenging racism and social injustice.

In addition, each post MUST include an actual conversation with a child:

  • Please use quotation marks and the actual words you used. An example of this blog style: I responded, “I don’t like that picture because it is using something called a stereotype.” Not: I responded and explained that the picture was using a stereotype.

Posts should also:

  • Include a suggested title that accurately reflects your post. For example, “How Barack Obama can help parents talk about race with young children.”
  • Use simple, clear, non-judgmental language.
  • Show your process/struggle as a parent/educator.
  • Explain why you use the words you use. Connect to the bigger picture.
  • Range between 400-1000 words.
  • Include an introduction to the Guest Blogger(s) that includes the author(s)’ racial identities, role(s) (parent/teacher), and the age of the children that the author parents/teaches.
  • Include a brief (3-4 line) bio with relevant affiliations/experiences.
  • Include a photo of the author.

A few specific style/formatting choices:

  • Raising Race Conscious Children uses APA style and as such capitalizes words like “White” and “Black.”
  • Please only one space after a period.
  • Em dashes like this—do not have spaces on either end.
  • Please keep sentences and paragraphs short/readable.

Raising Race Conscious Children prefers the submission of original work but we will consider previously published submissions. All submissions will be reviewed and you will be contacted should Raising Race Conscious Children decide to include your submission.

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